Project Description

An Interactive Online Learning Platform that Improved the Learning Experiences of Students:

About the Customer:

The client is a leader in the Education system based in Japan with a presence across the globe.


The client was seeking to develop a diagnostic platform to gauge the learning of students. They needed to develop a computer-based test that could replace paper-based tests so that an adaptive test solution could be implemented.  The details of the requirement were:

  • The solution should facilitate schools in delivering online classes to their students.
  • Identify individual learning gaps of every child and measure every child’s skill area, recognizing areas where he or she could outperform.
  • Identify a solution with an advanced reporting feature.
  • Compare performance from the past tests to check the overall growth of the students.
  • Identify topics or subjects that the student needed improvement in and recommend further content to improve the knowledge of the subject.

Smartcloud Approach & Solution

The SmartCloud team offered to develop a platform solution that enabled administer of a computer-based adaptive test. The solution developed by SmartCloud has become an immediate solution in the current global solution where online learning is a widely prevalent norm.

SmartCloud’s Approach

SmartCloud provided Outsourced Product Development services as a remote team model – 8 developers and 2 QA for over 12 months.

The Product OneUp is a:

  • Web-based application with support on multiple browsers.
  • Mobile-based application

Software Technologies We Used

Java Spring Boot

Frontend: AngularJS

Backend: MySQL

The assessment platform uses simple algorithm similar to the Item Response Theory. The logic used here is that two wrong or correct answers bring you to the next level of difficulty. If you are at the highest level of difficulty, answering 3 straight correct answers will move you to the next topic of the subject.


The platform can support 400 concurrent users and can be quickly scaled to serve up to 2500 concurrent students.

Subject and Grades

The solution is available for the subjects ‘Mathematics’ and ‘Science’.

It provides a web and mobile-based assessment platform with digital content for grades 1-12.

Benefits of the e-Learning Application

  • Tailor-made for grades 1-12 for the subjects ‘Science’ and ‘Mathematics’.
  • Online adaptive assessment tests prepared by experts, include the leading academicians and are customized as per the academic calendar of the school.
  • Static progression of questions or dynamic progression based on a simple algorithm that adapts subsequent questions on the examinee’s previous answers.
  • Test Questions can be re-arranged, added or deleted as per the topic.
  • Detailed Analytics powered by AI.
  • Reports are generated as per Bloom’s taxonomy level as recommended by the CBSE board.
  • Performance comparison from the past tests can be done to see the overall growth of the students.
  • Platforms can be integrated with schools to generate targeted reports for individual students or classes that can be used for Parent-Teacher discussions.
  • Identifies the topic areas wherein the student needs to improve.
  • Recommends remedial videos to be studied based on the performance of individual students to improve the knowledge of the subject.
  • Enables access of interactive learning videos to revise before giving an assessment test.


  1. Improved Learning experiences for Students-The solution developed by SmartCloud identifies individual learning gaps of every child, measures every child’s skill area, identifies areas where he or she can outperform, and provides recommendation and personal attention to the student.
  2. Improved communication between parents and teachers-The platform allows parents to analyze discuss with teachers children’s performance and  on the
  3. Improve student performance- Analytical reports and interactive videos help improve performance.

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