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Intelligent Automation

What was once an advanced requirement, has now become a fundamental need. Yes, we are talking about automation, which has become essential for every business. However, at SmartCloud, we take a step ahead and provide intelligent automation solutions for a diverse range of businesses. Our intelligent automation solutions, US, include developing blockchain, AI/ML, IoT, and Big Data analytics.

Our Intelligent Automation Services, US

SmartCloud works with companies from various regions across the US like Utah, Colorado, etc. We are a global intelligent automation service provider with extensive expertise across the automation realm. Please take a look at our intelligent automation services.

Our Intelligent Automation Services, US

SmartCloud works with companies from various regions across the US like Utah, Colorado, etc. We are a global intelligent automation service provider with extensive expertise across the automation realm. Please take a look at our intelligent automation services.


Innovative & the Best Blockchain Development Solutions for Multiple Business Domains

Blockchain’s rapid adoption worldwide is attributed to its fundamental mechanism that involves recording information in a way that disallows anyone to modify, delete or manipulate it. It is a digital ledger of transactions and is distributed through the entire network on the Blockchain.

Our Blockchain Development Solutions

1. Smart Contract Development2022-02-12T07:04:37+00:00

We develop and deploy smart contracts for public and private Blockchain networks. Our experience across the smart contracts development and deployment space includes Blockchain supply chain solutions, crowdfunding, etc.

2. Ethereum Development2022-02-12T07:05:37+00:00

We deploy Ethereum ideas for various crowdfunding campaigns, using DeFi applications for investing, financing and lending, and determining asset ownership through Non-Fungible Asset Tokenization.

3. White Label Cryptocurrency Exchange Development2022-02-12T07:06:38+00:00

Our experts develop and deploy centralized, decentralized, and hybrid cryptocurrency exchange software development with the help of reliable white label solutions.

4. Blockchain Integration2022-02-12T07:07:25+00:00

Be it Blockchain integration in the form of Blockchain UI, Crypto Exchange, Blockchain Backend, etc.; we cover everything through our efficient Blockchain integration solutions.

5. Blockchain Wallets2022-02-12T07:08:15+00:00

We possess extensive expertise in Blockchain wallet development. Our Blockchain development experts develop digital wallets to store and manipulate cryptocurrencies such Litecoin, Bitcoin, etc.

6. Custom Blockchain Development2022-02-12T07:08:58+00:00

We develop Blockchain solutions that precisely meet your specific needs. We conduct a comprehensive review of your business and Blockchain needs to create a fully customized Blockchain solution.

Why Choose SmartCloud for Blockchain Development?

Blockchain’s applications span various sectors and business domains, including insurance, real estate, funds transfer, money-lending, and many others. To optimally leverage this emerging and promising technology, companies need an experienced Blockchain development company covering every aspect involved in Blockchain development. SmartCloud’s Blockchain development expertise and experiences prove helpful for such companies.

  • Comprehensive Blockchain platform expertise
  • Team of experienced Blockchain developers
  • Blockchain development experience in multiple business domains
  • Full-cycle Blockchain development
  • Efficient and focused Blockchain development process
  • Complete data privacy and data security
  • Solid and practical RoI commitment
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AI/ML are technologies that cover the need to provide expedited customer service, reduce response times, and enhance customer service experience and engagement. They help do what humans cannot, such as processing utilized or non-utilized data, identifying trends and deriving conclusions, and making informed decisions from them. No wonder AI/ML development companies are in demand everywhere, and the best ones are innovating outstanding AI/ ML solutions!

SmartCloud is one such AI/ML development company that has delivered results through innovative and custom AI/ ML solutions. At SmartCloud, we are one of the leading AI/ ML development companies that employ several experienced and certified AI/ML developers, provide a comprehensive set of AI/ ML services, the latest AI/ML development technology stack and work with an approach that considers customer success of paramount significance

Our AI/ ML Development Services

Our AI/ ML development services and solutions cover various aspects to enhance digital experiences.

1. Natural Language Processing (NLP)2022-02-12T07:13:47+00:00

Our AI-based NLP solutions help you extract, process, analyze and understand structured data to extract valuable information relevant to your business. Furthermore, our NLP solution can help with BI, analytics, and training Chatbots.

2. ChatBot Development2022-02-12T07:14:44+00:00

We provide Chatbot development services to facilitate and enhance human-computer interactions through voice recognition, touch sense, language and intention recognition, etc. Our Chatbot applications include content delivery, eCommerce, healthcare, customer service, hospitality and travel, and many others.

3. Deep Learning2022-02-12T07:15:37+00:00

Our Deep Learning solutions simplify NLP, image recognition, and speech recognition. They resolve challenges in medical diagnosis, demand prediction, fraud detection, anomaly detection, image recognition, etc.

4. Machine Learning2022-02-12T07:16:28+00:00

We are one of the leading ML consultants and development service providers. Our AI/ ML developers create effective algorithms (supervised/ unsupervised) to automate your processes, increase operational efficiency, reduce human intervention and errors, and minimize costs.

5. AI-Based Solutions2022-02-12T07:17:18+00:00

Our AI-based solutions help our clients solve complex problems, accelerate operations, minimize errors and save a considerable amount of cost. Our AI consultants and developers are always ready to connect and discuss your needs.

Why Choose SmartCloud for Smart AI/ ML Development?

  • AI/ ML development for multiple business domains
  • Access to AI/ML solutions that incorporate the latest technologies
  • Work with experienced AI/ ML developers
  • Comprehensive AI/ ML support from design to deployment and support
  • 100% transparency, on-time delivery, and custom AI/ ML solutions

Talk to our experts and partner with us to develop solutions that precisely meet your needs and enable you to optimize the potential and benefits of AI/ ML for your business.

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Create Thoroughly Connected Digital Experiences with the Best IoT Development Services

The Internet of Things, popularly known as IoT, helps connect the physical world with the digital one. In simple words, it refers to describing the network of physical objects embedded with sensors, software, and various other technologies to connect and exchange data with other systems through the internet. At SmartCloud, we are one of the best IoT development companies in India, serving an extensive clientele across Europe, the US, and Denmark. We engineer IoT solutions to simplify business operations, enhance lifestyles and provide connected 360-degree customer experiences!

Our IoT Development Services

We are a comprehensive IoT development company with years of experience in the domain and offering services that cover the IoT needs of our diverse clientele spread worldwide.

1. IoT Consulting2022-02-12T07:22:10+00:00

To become an IoT-driven company, you need the right strategy and know what will work and what won’t when it comes to IoT for your business. Our IoT consultants prove of significant help here! Apart from helping you choose IoT solutions, we strategize IoT for you by creating an IoT roadmap, use case definitions, and solution blueprinting.

2. IoT App Development2022-02-12T07:23:04+00:00

We develop a range of IoT applications that integrate the latest technologies for the highest levels of competence and performance. Our IoT applications enable our clients to leverage the capabilities of connected experiences and enhance their customer’s journey with their brand.

3. IoT Extensions2022-02-12T07:23:46+00:00

Want to transform existing hardware into an IoT-enabled device? SmartCloud is here to help you! Our IoT extension services include selecting sensors, rapid prototyping, providing full-stack software development, implementing various security protocols and ensuring regular updates and upgrades for optimal performance and efficiency.

4. IoT Testing2022-02-12T07:24:10+00:00

Our IoT testing services involve ensuring correct and optimized integration of hardware and software for enhanced connected experiences. Our IoT testing experts follow the latest testing practices and methodologies for effective testing and report flaws and defects for rectification.

5. IoT Integration2022-02-12T07:24:31+00:00

We integrate IoT solutions with your existing infrastructure to help you enhance productivity, harness the power of connected devices and improve customer experiences.

Why Choose SmartCloud for IoT Development Services, India

  • Experienced IoT developers
  • Comprehensive IoT services and solutions
  • Custom IoT development
  • Experience in handling a global clientele
  • Positive customer feedback and proven results

Strategize, develop and leverage IoT with SmartCloud, the best IoT development company in India. For details and to talk to our experts, connect with us.

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Derive Intelligence & Make Empowering Decisions with the Best Big Data Analytics Solutions!

Tech-driven businesses generate zillions of bytes of data every day. They can use the massive amount of data they generate to derive insights and explore trends, patterns, correlations, etc., crucial to the business and informed decision-making. Nevertheless, often unstructured and scattered, the data needs solutions that help companies structure it and use it for business purposes to derive marketing and strategic intelligence. Big data analytics is precisely the need!

At SmartCloud, we provide Big data Analytics solutions that enable our clients to uncover otherwise invisible business opportunities, identify and analyze data, which is crucial for futuristic and strategic business decisions, etc. As one of the top Big data analytics companies in India, we offer a comprehensive range of Big data analytics services that cover every related need of our clients, no matter their business domain and the amount of data they generate.

Our Big Data Analytics Services

1. Big Data Consulting2022-02-12T07:25:16+00:00

Not sure how to optimize the power of Big Data? Partner with us as our Big Data consulting services include Big Data implementation, detailed roadmaps, data quality management recommendations, user adoption strategies, Big Data solution architecture, technology stack, PoC for the more specific project requirements.

2. Big Data Implementation2022-03-22T13:32:49+00:00

Our Big Data implementation services involve analysing Big Data needs, building solution architecture and design, Big data solution development, and establishing Big data governance procedures concerning data security, quality, etc.

3. Big Data and Data Lakes2022-02-12T07:25:59+00:00

We help companies access real-time business insights through the reconfiguration of Big Data sources and data storage. Additionally, we integrate Big Data platforms with proprietary and contemporary COTS data visualization tools for better efficiency and to help our clients derive better value from it.

4. Enterprise Data Management2022-02-12T07:26:28+00:00

Our expertise within this area includes facilitating simpler storage, traceability, and data retrieval, setting up data governance models to ensure storage, management, access, and safe and secure data analysis.

5. Big Data Maintenance and Support2022-02-12T07:26:48+00:00

We handhold our clients throughout every stage of Big data analytics. It includes providing Big Data maintenance and support services such as software updates, Big Data cleaning, data backup and recovery, solution health checks, solution performance monitoring, and upgrading to ensure top performance at all times.

Why is SmartCloud the Best Big Data Analytics Development Company?

  • Multiple business domain experiences
  • A diverse clientele across Europe, US, Denmark and other parts of the world
  • Team of experienced and certified Big Data analytics consultants and developers
  • Custom Big data analytics solutions and services
  • A comprehensive range of Big Data analytics services and support
  • Continual monitoring and upgrades for better efficiency

Get the best Big data analytics solutions for your business with SmartCloud. Connect with our experts today!

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