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Managed IT Services

When it comes to managing IT, you need a partner you can bank on. At SmartCloud, we do it through our managed IT services that involve DevOps, testing, and QA solutions. Our experts work relentlessly to develop products based on your expectations, ensure thorough testing and on-time launch.


Best DevOps Services for Efficient, Aligned & Meaningful Software Development

Are you looking for an outsourced DevOps software development company in India? Then, SmartCloud covers you with its best DevOps software development services. We are a team of DevOps experts with years of experience and an in-depth practical and strategic understanding of DevOps. So, when it comes to integrating development and operations as a culture for efficient software development, choose no one else but SmartCloud!

Our DevOps Services

1. DevOps Consulting2022-02-12T13:54:55+00:00

Our DevOps consulting involves examining a company’s existing environment and its readiness to integrate agile development and testing practices, automation, and solution architecture to create a comprehensive delivery channel and reduce the overall launch time. Connect with our DevOps consultants and get specific answers on optimizing DevOps.

2. DevOps Configuration Management2022-02-12T13:55:51+00:00

Our DevOps experts help manage infrastructure and applications to resolve configuration drifts automatically and efficiently. As a result, you do not have to waste time dealing with configuration issues.

3. Continuous Integration and Deployment2022-02-12T13:56:30+00:00

We ensure continuous integration and deployment by integrating the work of the entire development team into a single shared database. It enables us to detect flaws and ensure better integration.

4. Infrastructural Monitoring and Management2022-02-12T13:56:58+00:00

Our professionals continuously monitor your infrastructure and individual applications for proactive detection of flaws, quicker incident responses and ensure the best user experience and efficiency at all times.

5. DevOps with Cloud2022-02-12T13:57:29+00:00

We also specialize in cloud-based DevOps deployment. Our developers help you reap better results with DevOps on the cloud.

6. Platform-As-A-Service (PaaS)2022-02-12T13:58:04+00:00

We facilitate an efficient framework that helps develop, customize and deploy applications for API-related needs and a more value-driven integration. Connect with our DevOps experts to know more about how our PaaS solutions can help.

Why is SmartCloud the Best for Outsourced DevOps Solutions?

  • Team of DevOps software development experts
  • Extensive clientele spread across Europe, US, Denmark and many other parts of the world
  • Years of experience in delivering massive agile engagements and projects
  • Comprehensive DevOps services and solutions
  • Razor-sharp DevOps strategies and focused DevOps development
  • The latest technology stack for optimal efficiency and results

Talk to us and pave the way to getting the best Deelopment DevOps Solutions! We’ll be happy to help you.

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Achieve Unmatched Software Quality at Optimal Pace with the Best Testing Automation Services!

At SmartCloud, we are one of the top test automation companies in India, with over a decade of experience in testing automation. We employ the latest and updated test automation tools and frameworks, including Selenium, Kobiton, Eggplant, Test Complete, and many others, to ensure effective and efficient test automation. We’ve successfully served a diverse clientele across various business domains and areas worldwide, including Europe, the US, the UK, Denmark, and others. That makes us a truly global test automation company and partner in the long run.

Our Test Automation Expertise

As one of the best testing automation companies in India serving clients across Europe, the UK, the US, and Denmark, we offer comprehensive test automation expertise. Our automation testing expertise includes the following services:

1. Mobile Testing Automation Services2022-02-12T13:58:45+00:00

We offer a custom framework to test a particular mobile app on various devices and operating systems, to reassure, enhance and optimize its performance. Our mobile testing automation expertise includes cloud storage testing and security testing, Appium testing tool for vendor frameworks, Selenium testing for various platforms and browsers, real-time testing on several OSs, etc.

2. Web Testing Automation Services2022-02-12T13:59:20+00:00

Our web testing automation services aim to check your web application thoroughly across various parameters. Accordingly, our web testing automation services include performing regression testing, functional testing, acceptance testing, integration testing, and cross-browser testing.

3. API Testing Automation Services2022-02-12T13:59:55+00:00

We provide automated API testing services covering functional testing, integrated API testing, SOAP and RESTful API testing, and comprehensive API testing.

4. Customizable Automation Framework Development2022-02-12T14:00:24+00:00

Our experts analyze your current automation frameworks and develop new ones by leveraging tools appropriate to meet the specific needs and improve the SDLC aspect.

5. Onsite and Remote Testing Automation Services2022-02-12T14:00:54+00:00

Need remote testing automation services or want onsite support for it? We’ve got you covered! We provide remote and onsite, remote testing experts and services across API, desktop, and mobiles.

Why SmartCloud is the Best Test Automation Company in India?

  • Agile software development and testing support
  • Quick feedback and expert bug and error resolution
  • Enhanced inter-team (operations and QA) collaboration
  • Latest and continuously upgraded technology stack
  • Expertise in developing custom test automation frameworks
  • Comprehensive automation excellence
  • Reduced time to market
  • Enhanced RoI

When it comes to testing automation, we have all the expertise and experience required. So, connect with us and open the doors to more effective software and enhanced RoI through the best automation testing services.

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