Educational technology commonly abbreviated as EduTech is the practice of introducing IT tools into the classroom to create a more engaging, inclusive and individualized learning experiences. Edutech uses computers, computer programs, and educational systems to provide learning and training to students and employees.

EduTech has the power to Create Efficiencies, cut Costs, and enable new Levels of Standardization Democratize Access

Advantages and Applications of EduTech:

Edutech has brought a drastic change in the way coursework is taught and also in the teaching methodologies. Academicians use data-oriented teaching methodologies to get the best out of students. Edutech can not only help in improving the classroom lessons but also help in widening the horizons of education, thereby elevating them to a higher level.

The Benefits of Big Data

The arrival of data analytics techniques in education has driven adaptive learning, where data is fed back into the system to influence learning programmes and structures.

The Democratization of Education

Online platforms, mobile applications and new learning formats have massively improved access to education, as well as enhanced the learning process itself.

Building the Knowledge Economy

The knowledge economy that we invest in for our children via the schools system and right through to higher education and on-going, professional development and training is a fundamental support.

In Formal Education

Educational technology also help teachers in making media used in the learning process, so that students can attract the desire to learn.

How can Smartcloud help in Edutech?

SmartCloud had developed some indigenous innovative solutions to contribute towards the growth of Edutech. Some of them are:

  • The OneUp solution developed by SmartCloud identifies individual learning gaps of every child, measures every child’s skill area identifying areas where he or she can outperform and provides recommendation and personal attention to the student. For more information on OneUp, see the Case Study : OneUp.
  • CheckpointZ is an advanced AI based Proctoring Solution for University and school customers. For more information on Checkpointz, see the Case Study : CheckpointZ
  • Deep Read can read both handwritten and poorly scanned printed documents. Its ability to be able to recognize handwriting is extremely superior. The AI engine benefits from massive data from various sectors including finance, government, healthcare and education. For more information on Deep Read, see the Case Study: Deep Read
  • Scoring Platform was introduced to speed up scoring and improve quality contribution to more efficient educational services. For more information on Scoring Platform, see Scoring Platform

Let’s create highly personalized learning experiences, make education accessible to everyone, and scale the sector in unimaginable ways.

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